Haywards Butchers

Welcome to Haywards Butchers

Haywards is a traditional family-run butcher’s shop conveniently located in the York Parade shopping precinct in North Tonbridge. We have a reputation for providing only the highest quality meat products to our personal customers and the catering trade.

mouth-watering food from Haywards Butchers in Tonbridge

All our fresh meat, cooked meat and delicatessen products are prepared in the shop and sourced from British farms which share our passion for quality. Our aim is to help you prepare only the tastiest meals for your family from delicious bacon & eggs at breakfast to a succulent Sunday roast.

All the fresh and cooked meats we sell are prepared in the shop by an experienced team who collectively have over 100 years experience in the trade. We also offer a range of delicatessen products, farm fresh eggs and condiments, all from top quality producers.


Lamb shanks marinated in a Greek passion marinade. The marinade consists of tomato base with basil and oregano. Perfect dish for the cold evenings. Lamb shanks are best cooked long and slow making it a perfect dish to use in your slow cookers.

 How to find us

Haywards Butchers is conveniently located in the York Parade shopping area in North Tonbridge. Find out how to get to the shop. More..



Haywards is pleased to announce another successful Christmas. With the flooding affecting Tonbridge and the surrounding areas the customers still managed to make it to the shop to get there turkey. So we are happy that everyone was able to enjoy their Christmas meal.

As usual game is now available in the shop at this time of the year. We have a variety of wild rabbit, venison, pheasants and mallard duck.